Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walkin' on the Sun

Last week Laura gave me a little sunshine with the "Sunshine Award." Now I need to bestow some sunshine on some of my blog friends.

The rules for accepting this:

Put the logo on your blog or within your post (right click and save). Pass the award onto 12 bloggers, then link the nominees within your post. Finally, let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

I’m awarding the following blogs:

MJ - Pink Pear - New blog, but not new to blogging. She's planning to do the Susan G. Kommen 3 day walk. Stop by and say hi.

Rachel - Miss Rachel - She gives me plenty to think about when she talks about all things vegan. She has caused me to Google search a few vegan recipes.

Sara - Rookie on the Run - I met Sara and her son at last year's San Diego Rock 'n' Roll marathon expo. She needs some sunshine about now, with unresolved foot issues. I hope she'll be OK!

Julie - Keeping Pace - I met Julie (Juls) in 2007, when I went up to San Francisco to run in the Nike Women's Half marathon. She drove into town with her son to meet up with a group of us -- and it was a pleasure to meet her (and her son). She has an awesome eye for photography and often makes me stop and smell the orchids, or at least look for them.

Jill - Run With Jill - A newer running blog buddy, but I feel like we've connected over cold medications, Victor Newman, and trying to maintain some sort of running workout while coughing.

Lisa - Chasin' Bunnies - Her blog title is "Chasin' Bunnies," but she's no tortoise. If I could get back on track with my running, like she's doing, I might catch up to her!

Mel - 2nd Chances - Rockin' the P90X... I've been following along. I bought P90X last year AND even had someone copy it for me two years ago. Why haven't I done it yet? I have no excuses. Mel is kicking some major bootay with the workout and is inspiring me.

Leslie - Be A Good One - We've met a couple of times, once when she was in San Diego for training classes, and at the 2007 Nike Women's Half Marathon, and I have a feeling we'll meet again -- well, I hope so!

Glenn - The Running Fat Guy - Hardly the fat guy. He needs to change it to "The Running fit Guy." Glenn resides just north of San Diego, and he even came down here to run a 5k with us this past November. I hope to make it to a race in his area at some point.

Stacey - Muscle and the City - Needs some major sunshine right now - recovering from shoulder surgery, but I have a feeling she'll bounce back as strong as ever.

Lisa - Discovering the Meaning of Stonehenge - Recently ran an awesome marathon, the kind of marathon runners strive for. I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa this past summer, right before she moved near L.A.

Mel - Tall Mom on the Run - Always connected with the running world, whether it be gadgets, shoes, or clothing. Always recognizing everyone's run events. Always organized. Always smiling!

Yesterday's Song:
Jagged - Old 97s



iJuls said...

okay, but I may need time to dedicate to this.

Also, thanks for the links. I will have to check these out.

Rookie on the Run said...

Woo-hoo! I've been tagged! Thank you for the Sunshine!

Jill said...

awwww, you totally deserve the bright ray of sunshine award and thanks for the nice words about me. I think it's about that 6-month time frame to check in and see what ole Victor's up to these days ... but in the meantime, I'm downing some sore throat meds while I gag for air on the treadmill. Hope you're feeling better soon (I'm not so someone has to). Happy Weekend!!

Lisa said...

how sweet. thanks for the tag :-D

Glenn Jones said...

Thanks for the award Irene! I will display it proudly, once I can get my computer to boot again! Grrrrr!

By the way, the name refers tk a time when I started running almost 3 years and 50 flabby pounds ago. Sounds like a goo blog post though!

iJuls said...

Finally, the deed is done. I sort of changed the number of blogs linked to 10 though. It was a harder task that I thought it would be.

Thanks for thinking of me.

leslie said...

Thanks Irene! I hope we meet at a race this year too!

Lisa said...

Thank you for the tag. I tagged you right back. Check out my blog for your "award." It is really more of a mention than a tag.

I took your idea and ran with it.