Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sick Bubblegum

I've been a tad busy since my last written blog post last Saturday. Most of the busy part comes with this on again, off again cold I've been dealing with. I was feeling much better the following Wednesday, even ran a couple of 800s at RU between sets of exercises that were at or under 4 minutes. By Thursday night I was dealing with fever and chills again. Friday afternoon (because that's the only time they had available) I went to see my doctor. I actually saw my new real doctor, too. He determined that I have a sinus infection, that my my left lung was congested, and that I really needed to rest over the weekend. Then I mentioned something about a 10k I was running in on Saturday. He seemed like he knew that I wasn't going to listen to a "don't run this weekend" answer. He said I could run as long as I backed off. After I left his exam room, I picked up three prescriptions for my ailments, came home and went to bed. I also had a giant jug of Gatorade at my bedside, and a cat on my head.

Saturday morning I get up, feeling just OK, and follow my usual Saturday morning pre run routine. It's a cold and blustery Saturday morning, with the threat of rain in the forecast. It's only a 10k, and I don't need that much stuff. I filled a small water bottle with electrolytes to hold and sip on the run - it helps to keep my mouth moist, packed some gum and throat lozenges for just in case. The Ipod is already with the gear, so I'm set. Michael is planning to attend a different 5k run in another area, so he goes about his business and we leave separately. I get down to the park, and manage to get decent parking, but realize I've left the gear bag with my water bottle with electrolyte, gum, throat lozenges, and Ipod at home. I'm breathing mostly through my mouth and it's already dry, and I haven't even picked up my race number yet. I usually keep an extra water bottle in the car, but it wasn't there. I'm glad the volunteers had set up a water table prior to the race, and I was able to slowly sip water before hand, but I had nothing to put water in to take with me on the run. I did have a Powergel pack in my car, which I grabbed for the run, and figured it was better than nothing. I kept going back to the table for more small sips of water until the race started, but my mouth was still dry by the time the race began.

The first three miles of the race were OK, and I ran in the mid 9s. I wasn't pushing myself, and I had a comfortable pace. I really needed water, though. The water table at mile three was great, but I had to stop to use the Powergel.* Stopping throws off my momentum and I have a hard time getting it back. No Ipod music to bring me back to pace. Soon after the water table, and into mile four, the wind kicked up and it was a struggle to run, and not just for myself.

I was still running thristy and struggling, even though I wasn't putting in the effort, per my doctor. The thirsty part really messed with me. I could feel my pace slow down as my friends passed me by in the last couple of miles. I cheered them on as they easily cruised by me.

I finished the race and was surprised to see this:

608 IRENE M 50 416 8/17 F San Diego 1:01:44 9:57

I was hoping to at least come up even with last year's time. I surpassed that time by around 4 minute! That's a good 6+ minutes
away from my PR, but I'm building back. Maybe next year...

By the way, it rained after the run was over, while they were handing out awards.

Now I'm off to listen to doctors orders and REST, and watch commercials during the Superbowl.

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the Surf City Marathon and Half Marathon Today!


*I normally put gels in my water bottle before hand so I don't have to deal with sticky gel packs. I'm not coordinated juggling gel packs and cups of water when I run.


I Run for Fun said...

Congratulations! That is an awesome performance. Hope you feel better.

Meg said...

That's too bad, I really can't believe you ran! I hope you feel better this week! Rest up and drink lots of fluids.

Anne said...

Your thirst could also come from teh decongestants to clear up your sinus infection. They suck moisture from everywhere in your body, it seems. Hey, you finished - and without the assistance of an iPod, so go YOU!

Jill said...

I am sick today, too, so feel your pain! I totally took the day off .. from running and work and just been a slug. Wish I felt better to actually enjoy it. Hope you're getting lots of rest and refueling those legs! Nice job in the PR!!! A PR is nothing to sneeze at now matter what!! :)

Glenn Jones said...

Were you taking decongestants and/or antihistamines for the stuffiness? That could have been doing the drying you out action.

Still a great time! Glad to see you are back! And at least it waited until you were done to start raining. It dumped Saturday afternoon in Huntington Beach. The puddles in the expo tent were very interesting. I'm shocked that no one operating a cash register was shocked!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

Congratulations on an awesome performance! You did a great job, especially sick!

Irene said...

IRFF - Thanks! I did OK considering I probably shouldn't have been out there...

Meg - I'm catching up on much needed rest now!

Anne - Being asthmatic, I'm always thirsty. I'm sure the antibiotics didn't help in that department, either.

Jill - Ugh! It's running a muck! I hope you get over yours, quickly, too! It really puts a kink in everything. I didn't PR, I still have about 6 minutes to shave off to PR. :) Thanks, though!

Glenn - Asthma and all of the mentioned, I'm sure of it! I'm glad you had a good day at Surf City. You PRed!

Laura - Thanks! I probably shouldn't have run, but I'm resting now!

IzzyBubbles said...

Congrats on your race!! It's great you could post that time, even with a cold. You should feel proud of that! And make sure you do get plenty of rest this week. :)

Deene said...

4 minutes off of previous PR beats the snot out of anything!! good job. hope you've been resting well.

Irene said...

Izzy Bubbles - Thanks. I'm getting plenty of rest. I think I'm making up for all the sleep I missed last year!

Deene - My PR for a 10K is about 55 minutes and change. I have my work cut out! I was happy to be ahead of last year's time since I was planning on just coming out even. :) Thanks.