Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Out Of Our Heads

Activity: Run - Treadmill
Date: 05/19/09 12:00 PM
Distance: 3.25 miles
Time: 0:32:00
Speed: 6.1 mph
Pace: 9' 50 min/mile
Calories: 304

Today was HIIT on the the gym treadmill. This time my slow points were around 4.5 and my high point was at 7.5! This is the first time in a very long time that I've been able to hold a 7.5 m/m pace for a minute, and I did that on my very last peak. That's just ridiculous... well, for me it is. I guess all that sports therapy IS working.

Last night I went out with the gang from work to celebrate a couple of birthdays. We went to a Thai restaurant in La Mesa, which served up a TON of food. Much to my surprise, I found out that one of my coworkers got married over the weekend, while flying in a helicopter over Las Vegas! I noticed the ginormous rock she was wearing on her left hand ring finger and asked about it. We weren't surprised that she got married, but surprised that she and her now husband drove to LV with a friend and got hitched in a helicopter. How cool is that?
They've been living together for years and didn't want a big to-do wedding. Her husband wanted to be married by an Elvis impersonator, but they couldn't find one who would join them in the helicopter on such short notice. Oh yeah, the birthdays were for Man Doctor and GG, pictured. (GG is also the new bride.) Someone forgot the dorky stuffed birthday cake hat that we all take turns wearing, so we improvised with wire ribbon from the gifts. We couldn't let this birthday celebration go without some sort of head wear -- It just wouldn't be right.

There was special election in California today, having mostly to do with the the state budget, education funding payment plan, lottery modernization, children's services funding, mental health funding, and elected officials salaries. Apparently, there wasn't a big turn out, which is kind of sad. I cast my ballot.

Saturday's song:
What a Difference a Day Makes - Dinah Washington, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Diane Schuur, etc.



KatieFeldmom said...

Sheryl Crow
I voted too!!! Although I'm starting to think that all these elections are not helping our budget .... it's got to cost some additional money to put one on, right?

Deene said...

what a cool way to get married!

Lisa said...

Great job on the treadmill run! You're going to be good to go for RNR!

Where in La Mesa do you go for Thai? I am always looking for a good place. The only one I really know of is on the corner of La Mesa Blvd and El Cajon. I can't even remember the name...

I Run for Fun said...

Good job onthe run. What's up with treadmill runs...everyone's getting better at it and enjoying it too!

What a neat way to get married! It IS sad that more people don't exercise their right to vote.

Juls said...

I saw this crazy kid running on the 'mill at 11.5 mph! I wanted to show him my scar and send him out on the road to see what he really could do.

7.5 is awesome and sane. Congrats!

Irene said...

I always vote, even in the smaller elections. People do so much complaining but they don't vote. I figure I can take care of the complaining by voting! And, yeah, it does cost money (the state doesn't really have) to hold those smaller elections. That's something I just don't understand.

I know! So cool. They're having a big party later on once they move into their new house.

I'm getting there. I'd like to hold that pace for more that one minute. I left a comment on your blog about the place in La Mesa. Maybe it's the same place?

I use an iPod and just go. I think the treadmill would kind of suck without my music!

11.5 -- now that's insane! I kind of wonder if he was just showing off...