Monday, February 02, 2009

Nothing Is Easy

I really love our track club, not only for the camaraderie, but for everyone who puts in their time to make sure the runners are taken care of. Our volunteers are the best! Kudos to the the people who volunteered to take pictures for us at the 10K on Saturday. Here's a couple of mine -- I cropped them a bit. I'm running in for the finish.

I'm not sure if there will be more photos posted from our track club, since I couldn't find any of my husband running, but I'm sure the event photographers will have something up in about a week.

Other stuff:

I had my first visit with the sports rehab people. Even after just one visit, my range of motion has improved and my limping while running has lessened. We're working on particular stretches and light weight training to strengthen the muscles in my right hip/leg, which will help with posture and balance. It's tough but I need this. My therapist is going to take a movie of me running at my next visit, then again in a few weeks, THEN overlap the two movies to check on my progress. I'm very optimistic.

Saturday, after the 10K, my husband and I attended a memorial service for one of our dear friend's grandma. She really wasn't his grandma, but he ended up with the grandma in the divorce from his wife. It's a long story. The woman was in her mid 90's, and up until very recently, she was a very with-it lady. She was an avid sports fan, supporting her Dodgers and Lakers. She always had her hair coiffed, always had her nice jewelry on, always had a perfect manicure, was up on fashion, and never left the house without make-up. She did not look her age. Her advice for living a long life was to stay active, learn something new, constantly meet new people, and greet everyone you meet with a smile. I remember attending her 90th birthday party a few years ago, and thinking to myself "I want to be like her when I grow up." She was very spunky and made an impression on everyone she met, including me.

I've decided to take a back seat to blogging during the month of February. I might drop in once or twice if there's something that can't wait until March. There's a lot of activity going on right now, plus some personal issues that I need to get past. I just need to take time off and refocus. Not to worry, none of this is super serious, there's just a lot going on right now that's taking it's toll on my frame of mind. As they say, "when it rains, it pours," and it's pouring.

Yesterday's song:
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World - Planet Ynnep Running



Melanie said...

enjoy the break and take care, hope everything works out. Great pics too! :) And you're so right about the volunteers.

Pat said...

I'll be here, when you get back. Take care of yourself and if you get a chance, check my blog on 2/11

Southbay Girl said...

I hope everything is ok....we'll be here when you come back! Keep running and SMILE!!!

Anne said...

I once took time off while dealing with a dying grandmother and caring for a sister with a broken neck. The time off did me good; I hope it does you good too. See you in March!

SavyArt said...

I hope everything is ok. I've been thinking about you a lot lately (and actually, hubby asked after yours and how he was doing, so I'm not the only one!)

Enjoy the break. ;)

Deene said...

That is a fantastic photo of you going for the finish. Leg muscles are rippling.

WADDLER26.2 said...

Love the photos-- you look great.

Take care during you break.

Dori said...

Jethro Tull.

It's great to see you running! The Grandma sounds like a wonderful woman--the kind I want to be. Thanks for passing on her words of wisdom.

Sunshine said...

Great for you to work with a trainer. Good luck with the before and after videos.

How interesting to acquire a Grandmother in a divorce proceeding.

Best wishes for your February.

Miss Rachel said...

Great "Irene in action" shot of your finish.

I hope everything is working itself out. :-)

KatieFeldmom said...

Hi Irene!
Thinking of you today!

AKA Alice said...

Missed ya this morning. Hope everything's OK and that you're enjoying your break (that 365 thing was killer!)

See you Tuesday perhaps?

Middle-of-the-Pack Girl aka Terri said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, and I hope that things will turn around for you. Breaks are always a good thing when you feel like you're getting rained on from all directions.

barbie2be said...

i miss you, irene!

Irene said...

Thanks! I love our volunteers!

Thanks for the props on 2/11! Speedy? I'm getting there... slowly!

I was overwhelmed at the moment. I'll blog about some of it soon. Thanks.

My head is much more clear, now, without having to seek much help. :)

I'm OK. Thanks for checking up on me.

I'm still a little crooked, but I could punch it up a little for the finish. I'm glad to just be running!

Thanks! My "break" was busy!

Winner! It feels good to be running, albeit slow. Yes, the grandma was quite a lady.

I'll tell more about the trainer later, but he's worked wonders! Yes, it was odd to end up with the grandma in the divorce, but our friend agreed to take care of her! He's a wonderful guy and the grandma was very grateful. I had an OK February. I'll be glad when March is here!

Miss Rachel,
I love that most run events now have photographers! I'm doing OK. :)

Thanks, Katie! I've been wondering how you've been doing, too.

AKA Alice,
See you on the trails!

Thanks for stopping by. My friend is doing OK and misses grandma a lot. I'm doing OK, too.

Awwww... I missed you, too!