Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Middle

Activity: Run
Date: 01/31/09 08:39 AM

Distance: 6.27 miles
Time: 1:05:22

Speed: 5.8 mph

Pace: 10' 25 min/mile

Calories: 592

Yesterday was my first event of the year, the Super Run 10K. There was a change in the route due to other events being planned at the same place at the same time, and that threw me off just slightly. Originally, this 10K is a closed route and goes through the Sea World parking lot, over to Crown Point and back. I really preferred that route.

This year we started on the street over at Mission Bay park, ran around Fiesta Island, then back up on on the sidewalk along the bay to the finish, which was not a closed route. I ended up weaving around bike riders and walkers towards the end.

I held a pretty good pace until the last mile. I just wasn't "feeling it" any more and just wanted to get the race over with. The lack of umph was completely mental. Under normal circumstances, I usually have something left to gear up for that last mile. I had a decent finish time, considering my physical circumstances. I was close to 10 minutes slower than last year. It's OK, though. My goal was to finish, and I did, somewhere in the middle of the pack.

I didn't bring a camera. I'll post pictures later on, either from the track club website or when the race photographers post theirs.

813 IRENE M 49 438 27/40 F San Diego 1:05:09 10:30

Thursday's song:
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Southbay Girl said...

Irene...awesome job!!!! Congrats on a race well run and hopefully enjoyed!!!! I'm so proud of you!!

Jimmy Eat World

Pat said...

That's a great time. You'll shave the 10 minutes sooner than you think.

Steve Stenzel said...

That last mile can be killer. Nice job out there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Irene, I'm SOOOO happy for you! What an accomplishment!!! YOU ARE RUNNING AGAIN!!! Whoo-hoo!!! Before you know it, you'll have that time shaved down. I just know it. You are amazing.

Anne said...

You've got the right attitude about your progress and race time, even if that race was run with no oomph. I've heard a lot of complaints about this year's race. Hope they return to the old course next year. See you at the Sue Krenn in about a month!

barbie2be said...

great job, irene!

Deene said...

well done! i like your race stats ot the top.

pchieng said...

Great job on finishing the race even though you weren't 'feeling it'. Everybody has a bad day, nothing to worry much about.

Irene said...

Winner! Thanks. :)

I'll get there, slowly.

Thanks for visiting. Normally, I can muster something up for the last mile. I think I just ran out of steam that day. The next one will be better. ;)

Thanks! I'm ready to shave! LOL.

I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I realize things happen, but I really liked last year's route. Perhaps it's because I like running over the Ingrahm St bridge. I did this race. Now I just need to gear up for the next one, which is almost the same route.


Thanks. I get the stats from my BiM (Bones in Motion) GPS on my cell phone.

Thanks for visiting my blog. :) It was just that last mile that did me in. I'm happy that I was able to finish.