Monday, June 11, 2007

Sand In My Shoes

The cold/flu is finally over! I guess it's really running a-muck because I keep hearing from others how they're getting over it or going through it.

My MIL wanted to have the whole family together to celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary, but the only weekend available for most of us was this past weekend. We all ended up at the Hotel Del Cornado , Friday through Sunday.

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Since it was also my birthday on Saturday, hubbie sprung for a room with an ocean view!

It was very relaxing. I wished we could have been there longer, *just the two of us*, but it was still nice. For the first time in a few months, I really indulged in food and alcohol. A very good friend works as a manager there and he sent us over some wine upon our arrival and champagne for my birthday... Then there was the dinner for my in-laws AND the ginormous cake my friend sent over to the room after dinner... My husband and I took a couple of long walks on the beach and lounged around the pool, but it was no way considered workout. The pool-side Bloody-Mary's kinda changed that scenario... I plan on returning to workout mode sometimes this week, perhaps tomorrow. Eating is sorta on track but should be better by tomorrow.

It's time to change gears a little, now. It's back to more weight training and letting my legs recoup another week. My left knee is a little twingey but nothing serious. I have a 5k planned for the 4th of July and a half marathon planned for mid august.

One of the doctors I work with is planning to run in the Silver Strand Half Marathon in November, and asked if I wanted to join in. I'm intrigued but it's the same weekend my brother wants me to run with him up north. We'll see how it all pans out.



Anne said...

Happy Birthday, Irene!!! Sounds like it was a special one, surrounded by family and the opulence that is the Hotel Del. That Michael sure is nice to splurge for an oceanfront room.

barbie2be said...

oh, i love the hotel del! it looks like the weather was gorgeous too. so glad you and a lovely birthday weekend.

oh yeah... dido. :)

NotSoccer Mom said...

wow, that place looks gorgeous! glad you had a good birthday weekend.

KatieFeldmom said...

That hotel is on my "one of these days" list. I've visited it, but didn't get to stay. It's so beautiful and I'm glad that you had a great time and enjoyed yourself.

Happy Belated Birthday and congrats to your inlaws on their 57th anniversary.

Pamela said...

HEY I've seen that place when we were down there...but to stay WOW very cool~!
HAPPY belated to YOU too hon!
& Actually Mine is on June 10th you're a day Older ;)

Irene said...

It was reallllly nice. We usually don't splurge like that, but it was worth it. Thanks for the BD wishes!

It's really pretty there! I did have a nice birthday. The towers (the newer part) has bigger rooms but it was kinda cool staying in the old section. Yep, Dido. Winner!

It is pretty. My hubbie kept saying it was like the movie "Titanic." My response was "That ship sank! It is not the Titanic!" LOL. I had a nice bd!

It is pricey, and I'm sure we could of had a nice vacay for a week some place else, but it was lovely. I had never stayed there before. It's a must to put on your list for a future thing to do. :) Thanks for the BD wishes! And for my In laws, 57 years is a long time!

We've been there to visit a few times, like to go to brunch or just walk around the shops,etc, but it was cool to actually stay there. Happy Birthday to you, too!!! :)

Dori said...

Belated Happy Birthday! How nice of your husband to treat you to an ocean view room. The last time I was at the Del Coronado was in 1991. At the gift shop I bought a Christmas ornament in the shape of the hotel and I think of San Diego every time I hang it on the tree.