Saturday, October 01, 2005


There is no rest for the weary...

Thursday morning and afternoon was spent running errands and had to zip over to my uncle's house to meet with an appraiser. That evening was a planned girls night out. It's difficult to get everyone together anymore, so I didn't back out. I was good and stuck to my one drink. It was great getting caught up but I was a zombie.

Friday I couldn't sleep in because I'm back up day care for my daughter's little boy. Luckily, she had only one class at the college, so she was only out for about 2 hours... No kicking back after that. More uncle's house issues to deal, computer issues, lunch with a friend, visited my dad, then zoomed back home and did laundry. Then it was time to get ready for a big soiree. Michael's business partner turned 40 and had a huge party. The food was decent and they had an open bar. There was a band and dancing. I must have danced with everyone! Seriously! Michael was out there too... I must say that it was cool to know that women really watch out for each other. I was dancing with this one guy, an acquaintance of Michael and his partner. He didn't really do anything inappropriate, but he seemed to get a little too close for comfort. A couple of ladies, who I don't know well, came up to me and asked me if this guy was bugging me and offered to step in and divert him. Perhaps this guy has a reputation? I don't know, but it was cool to know someone was looking out for me. I thanked them and then left the dance floor for the restroom, found Michael and ended up chatting with a really great lady who is a jeweler... Hmmmm (Michael, it's just about 2 1/2 months 'til our wedding anniversary!) With the open bar, Michael was toast. I didn't drink that much but I didn't eat all that much, either. I was okay but not good to drive. Luckily, there was a hotel a few short blocks away from the party venue. I'm not sure what time we left the party but what ever time it was, we were done...

Saturday morning we woke up with parched throats and Michael was feeling a little ill. I took advantage of the nice deep tub and bath salts provided by the hotel. After a few hours of trying to wake up (and thinking how nice the hotel was and too bad we really didn't take full advantage of it), we wandered down to the lobby for breakfast. They actually had decent food. Whole grain bagels, fresh fruit, and coffee is what I had. There was no protein to speak of but at least it was a decent spread. They also provided the usual pastries, cereal and such, but it was nice to have some good options. Since this was not a planned hotel stay, we didn't have a clean change of clothes. We wandered around downtown La Jolla and purchased shirts, just to have something fresh to wear... Our clothes LOOKED like they were partied in! After wandering around a little longer, I decided that I would drive back towards home ( was more functional than Michael), and actually ran errands along the way. Still no rest back at home. We were expecting company! There's nothing like a good cover up to cover up dark circles under the eyes...

Today was day one of the October challenge on For all practical purposes, I ate as clean as I could, drank plenty of water, but my plans to work out circuits with resistance bands never materialized... I don't consider it a screw up. If I would have stayed in bed all day, then that would have been a screw up. We did do all that walking, a good 2 hours worth of passive walking, but it was MOVEMENT during a small time frame where we really didn't feel like moving at all.

I think I'm allowed to rest now... Good night.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's what I call a whirlwind week.

There has always been some creepy guy at every party or wedding that I have ever been to. I'm glad to see that "us" girls still stick together.


Irene said...

Hi Angie,
I've finally recouped! I guess DH and I weren't the only ones who had to get a room! Yeah, I'm real glad someone was really watching! There are so many weirdos in the world ;)