Wednesday, February 29, 2012

One Moment in Time


We've had actual weather activity here in San Diego. We had heavy rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and even snow in the higher elevations of the county.  (OK, stop the eye-rolling --  We're not used to extremes here. Even my fruit trees look disheveled.) Earlier in the week it was so cold that I woke up with both cats in our bed, curled up between us.  Normally, having the cats in bed drives me nuts, but it must have been so cold that I didn't even notice...  

We went to a live show for Sam the Cooking Guy.  I won free tickets from Sam's live webcast, via Facebook, and it was sort of a last minute thing.  We had been up since 5:00 am that day and were super tired.  I'm amazed that Hubs didn't fall asleep during the show, but there was plenty to keep his interest piqued, especially the smells of food being cooked and prepared on stage. 

The thing that impressed me about the show is that it was all family/friend based.  His wife was giving out bottles of water to people waiting in line, his sons were filming and taking pictures, friends manned the ticket/will call booth, and his dogs socialized with the audience:

Hailey the Golden Lab working the audience.
I sort of geeked out and waited in line for Sam to sign my book and have a photo op:

I know.  So cheesy.  I look like I'm going to pass out - I was beyond tired and probably rattled on too much about whatever I don't remember saying  when I met him.  I probably came off as one of those weird/creepy  fans.  Oh well.    He's a very cool and gracious guy, though.

"Don't eat bad food!"

Ever try to organize and end up with more disorganization? My son took it upon himself to clean out the shed at the back of the yard.  We STILL have a lot of stuff from when my uncle lived here -- It's stuff nobody wanted. It's rather overwhelming.  It's a matter of determining value, but at this point it all seems like junk to me.  Yes, before we purchased this house there was an estate sale, and we all went through the house for items we all wanted, but when escrow went through, we ended up with all of the leftover crap. I'd rather blindly get rid of it all, not knowing the value of anything.  It's all just stuff. We don't need it. My son did put a dent in getting rid of some things, but there's more of it.  It's just a matter of time and effort to clear out everything, but having time to do so is the issue. It would take a few days to clear everything out, go through it all, trash some of it and take the rest to Goodwill.  It's hard to do when you only have a few hours on a Saturday.

My son and I have been sharing the Honda Fit for a few weeks since the Exploder (AKA: 1998 Ford Explorer) was not working.  The only thing good on the Exploder are the tires.  I was afraid that car would actually explode.  We needed another vehicle.  Public transportation was not an option since you can't transport an entire drum kit on city bus. The intention was to buy a used Honda CRV, a couple of years old with low miles.  I couldn't find one that didn't already have a bajillion miles on it, and I began to look at other makes.  I ended up with a 2011 Nissan Rogue that had only 10,000 miles on it.  It's the basic model, is a little smaller than a CRV, and doesn't have a few of the fluff extras, but it has a decent ride, gets decent gas mileage for a car of that type, and the price was right.  Sold.

I mentioned something to my son about removing the "iRun" sticker from the the back window of the Fit since he'll be driving it.

He wanted to keep the sticker because it made the car more identifiable in a parking lot full of similar cars.  He has a point.

The running continues.  It's not fast, pretty or frequent as I need, but it continues.

I pulled a muscle in my right quad at track last night, even before we started to run.  I still can't figure that one out, other than getting up wrong after the group stretch.  We have a 15K on Saturday.  I might sit this one out and volunteer.  I have a few days to see how I feel. 

Last week we learned of the passing of our dear friend Ann Marie.  She was the wife of Jeff, Hubs' best friend from high school. Ann Marie and Jeff met at their 20 year high school reunion.  The school was so huge when they attended that their paths never crossed until that night at the 20 year reunion.  They came from much different backgrounds and different worlds, but together they were perfect for each other.  Ann Marie never had a loss for words and had to be the friendliest person I've ever met.  At the "Celebration of Life" many friends and family members shared about their experiences with Ann Marie.  Her daughter recalled the several times her mother would go to the grocery store and come home with a new friend, and that, in the teenage years, was kind of embarrassing.  Soon after her daughter spoke, a woman came up to the podium and said, "I am one of those people Ann Marie brought home from the grocery store."  Everyone laughed. That was Ann Marie:  Friendly and always making friends along the way, no matter where she was. Ann Marie also had a deep faith, which is something that I admire since I often question my own.  Illness took our dear friend on February 20, 2012, just 6 days shy of her 54th birthday.  It's so hard to say goodbye to someone who had so much to say.

Me, Ann Marie, Jeff at the Campgrounds near Carlsbad State Beach.
The service was held at a church located in the middle of the Temecula wine country. After the service and reception a few of us went to a winery to reflect, regather our thoughts after an emotional morning, and toast to Ann Marie.  

The view from Bella Vista - Organic Winery, Temecula, CA
It was a beautiful day to say good bye and to remember.

Song from Sunday February 26, 2012:
Hold Me Tight - The Beatles



Jill said...

I'm so sorry about your friend, so tragic when they're taken from us so young. My mom died when she was 56...I think about that a lot now as I get closer to 50 and it's just not a pleasant thought to be gone so early and miss out on so much life. I know you were an awesome friend to her and she valued you so much!

Good deal on the car, yahoo! Brendan just got his license last week and already speaking of wanting a car. Save your money, honey I tell him :). The other twin will get his license this summer...then it's going to be a fight for the car constantly...I gotta figure something out. Love how shiny blue your car is, so pretty!

Good to hear you continue to keep running...gotta keep up the miles so we can run together again sometime :).


Miss Rachel said...

I'm sorry about your friend, but it sounds as if she had a good life and made a lot of friends in the time she had here.

I admire you for continuing to run, inspiring me and others.

Roo said...

Hey hey - It sounds like Anne Marie was a wonderful person, and I like the idea of having a celebration of life, it is as it should be.

Thanks too for posting about Sam the cooking guy, I'll have to whizz over to check out the site



Black Knight said...

I am so sorry for Ann Marie and it is very difficult to comment the other topics when we read a very sad news like this.
Ciao Ann Marie.