Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What have you all been up to?

I've become rather meh* when it comes to blogging. I used to be so consistent, but now it has taken somewhat of a back seat to social networking.  Sad, I know, but that's what's happening.  It's also a time issue as well, and when I am home the last thing I'm doing is blogging, but dealing with family things like helping the kiddo with homework and the usual day in, day out things that need more attention than my blog does.  I'm not abandoning the blog.  I suppose I'll amp things up again, and post more frequently at some point.  I just don't want it to collect cobwebs.  I still have plenty to say, as disjointed and grammatically incorrect as it may seem at times.  At least it's honest.

Product Review:

I've been trying out the VITAband wrist band. Here's a picture of mine:

From the VITAband site:

"The VITAband acts like a medical ID bracelet providing medical professionals with your identification, relevant medical history and emergency contacts to help ensure you get the care you need in the event of an emergency.

VITAband also offers Visa® payWave contactless payment technology. This allows users to simply wave their VITAband, featuring The VITAband Visa Prepaid Card, at the point of sale to make purchases at millions of retailers who accept Visa debit cards."
 I know it's hard to see, but I'm wearing it on my right wrist in this photo from the Nike Women's Half Marathon this past October

I've been using the VITAband for about the past three months, wearing it during every run.  It's rather comfortable and I've gotten used to wearing it.  It's a rubber bracelet with an emergency number and my personal ID number on the back of the wrist- which will access my emergency and medical information for first responders, and can include a removable, scan-able pre paid Visa chip.  I have yet to use the Visa chip.  There are stores in my area that do have the scanner, but I usually don't frequent those stores.   I wanted to talk about the ease of just being able to wave my wrist at the contact-less payment scanner, but I haven't seen one yet.  I might have to make a special trek to the stores that do have the scanner, and I'll post about using it.  I like the idea of having some form of money on me when I run, cash or credit card, and this wrist band would mean one less thing to carry if my post run eateries/establishments would have this scanner, and (so far) none do.  There is a yearly fee to use this band and to keep your personal emergency information in their system.  I really like the concept of this band, which can access more than your emergency phone numbers, but includes what ever health information you provide on the site, which can include allergies, past surgeries, medications, health issues, etc.  I like the VITAband with all of my information for first responders, I just wish the High Dive down the street from my house would  have the Visa  scanner... Just sayin'...

Other Stuff

I was contacted (through THIS blog) by the Mutual of Omaha's "Aha Moment" team to film my  "Aha Moment."   I thought I'd take them up on their offer and put in what I had to say.  I went to their Airstream mobile "studio" set up at Balboa Park.

As I waited for my turn there were others ahead of me who were doing great things like helping those less fortunate than themselves, saving babies, helping to find cures.  Their interviews were on a screen just outside the Airstream in the waiting area.  Here I am, going to talk about me and running.  Running and I  felt so petty at that moment. 

As I waited, I filled out this clap board, which they actually used, and I got to keep:

What I had intended to say in my filmed interview with them is that my "Aha Moment" happens every time I run, that I am constantly awe struck with running in San Diego county.  I'm extremely fortunate to live in an area where the running season lasts all year long.   After I said something to that effect, the person directing the shoot asked me to repeat what I had just said because an airplane flew overhead and they didn't get a clear recording.  MY MIND WENT BLANK.  *gah*  I lost everything I wanted to say.  *Poof*  It was gone.  I became really nervous after that and felt myself stumble on my words.  There was no flow.  She had to prompt me with questions after that, and I felt rather sucky.  I've posted my segment on Facebook and Twitter. Since Blogger won't let me post the link to access the video Mutual of Omaha posted on their site, here's the actual link:

I never realized that I move around so much when I'm nervous.  If this were Tyra Banks Top Model show I would have lost the spokes model segment. Seriously.  Thank goodness for creative editing.  My last words came out wrong.  I wanted to say something about every day being an "aha moment, "  not the thing about putting it all together to say this is why I do what I do.  (What?)  Yeah, I lost my train of thought that morning.  The scarf. People asked about my scarf.  I bought it on clearance at a store in an outlet mall a few years ago. It goes with everything... I also had a black sweater on which (I thought) made me look more pulled together, but it turned out to warm up that day and by the time arrived to the taping I was rather toasty, so the sweater came off.   They have three finalists and one will win a spot in the actual televised ad campaign, and I knew from the get go that I wouldn't be one of them. I wasn't vying for a TV spot.  That's just not me.  It's all good, though.  I've never done anything like this before, and now that I have, I hope that's it. 

 Song from Wednesday, October 26, 2011:
Hey Soul Sister - Train - Run-DMZ


*For lack of a better word.  Complacent?  Bored?


Kyra said...

Personally, I think you did great. When I did that NYC thing and they filmed the interview with me, they had me repeat stuff and I kept saying it wrong and stumbling too. It's like you have one shot to be perfect, and the redos get consistently worse. UGH.

But seriously, you did fabulous!

Jill said...

You are FAMOUS!! I bet Victor will be calling you up and asking you for a cameo spot on the TYAR soon!! Woohoo! Actually, I liked the video and though I could tell you were a bit nervous, you really hit the nail and stated what running does for you. And that's what it's about. Very cool thing to do, glad you did it!

I have been blog absent some, too...just doesn't seem like I have much to say. I am, however, going to post the annual blog holiday gift exchange tomorrow. Hope you're in again this year :).


Kenley said...

Look at you. Movie Star, I thought you did a fabulous job! I think the bracelet is neat for medical purposes, but I don't know about the whole visa thing. It would be cool if you were on a run, and didn't want to cary cash, and you went to 7-11 and bought hydration that way with out having to carry moeny and it getting all soggy. Take care.

Pink Granite said...

You did beautifully!!!
You looked beautiful as well!!!
And it was very inspiring.
Thank you and congratulations...
- Lee

Anne said...

I thought you did a great job too. I voted for it being inspiring. I'm really intrigued by the wrist thing because I always forget to change out my emergency "chip" on my shoes when I switch pairs. This seems perfectly designed for those of us who do that, or don't wear shoes at all while outdoors.

Black Knight said...

In my opinion you did great, beautiful video! Congrats.
I am not a movie star, last friday I participated an european meeting about the passenger's rights. In TV I had to translate the speeches of the Major and my General Manager. During the first, both my mobile phones began to ring (I forgot to switch off). It was the worst minute of my life, in front of TV I became red and in a sweat. What a shame!!!!