Monday, April 18, 2011

Rolling in the Deep

The La Jolla Half Marathon Race Report or S*** Happens

Well?  What can I say about this one. Another race done?  Yes.


Yes, but I rocked those hills.

Hills were not the issue.

Race day started out as it usually does, at the butt crack of dawn, getting a quick something to eat, and out the door while we're not fully awake.  We always forget something.  Half way up  to La Jolla Hubs realizes he does not have his ID, meaning he can't get into the beer garden after the race. Oh well.

Fast forward to a few hours later.  We're at the Del Mar race track parking lot area waiting for the race to start.  This included several trips to the port o potties, stretching, attempting to warm up, and socializing.

                                                          Hubs and I waiting... and waiting...

While we were waiting an announcement was made that they needed someone to volunteer to sing the National Anthem.  Amazingly, two people offered and it was awesome.  It turns out this couple sings at weddings.  They harmonized the National Anthem.

Once the race starts it's the usual all systems go and everyone takes off.  No problem.  I make it up the first small hill.  No problem.  Make it to the Torrey Pines ginormous hill and up.  No problem.  Past the very top of the Torrey Pines hill near UCSD I needed to use the rest room.  Problem.  The last restroom was at the ranger station on Torry Pines hill, a mile back, and I kept thinking  "there's usually a port or potty or two along the race."  No.  The next port o potty was about 4 miles away, where the 5k started. Since the race course goes along UCSD, the landscaping is impeccably manicured, and there were no obscure bushes to hide behind, no public restrooms, nada, zip. It was awful.  This made me sick to my stomach, and slowed me down.  I kept running, but it wasn't pretty.  I was miserable.  I finally made it to the 5k area, and that really wasn't pretty, but I was at least able to take care of business, compose myself as best as possible, and then finish the race.  Before the race I was thinking I could possibly finish in around 2:20 to 2:25, even with the hills.  I finished in 2:28:28. Meh. I finished the .race

I was supposed to meet blogger Chris of The Manly Runner in the beer garden, but I couldn't make my way in.  They would only let a certain number of people in at a time. I found Hubs, my sister (who ran the 5k), her husband, and my friend Rich, and we decided to ditch the beer garden and just go home.  I REALLY needed a shower and something to settle my stomach. 

I have no post race pictures.  Rich might have taken a few pictures, but I know we didn't take any. We just wanted to get out of there. We exited the back way out of La Jolla to avoid the clusterf*** of traffic going toward the freeway.

The pros  -  The course took us along the coast from Del Mar to La Jolla, and it was beautiful.  I had trained for those hills and didn't walk once.  My sister came to run the 5k and PRed.  I logged another half marathon in the books.  I got another medal.

The cons - Too long of a wait for the race to start after the buses dropped us off.  2 hours.  Not enough port o potties on the race course. I got sick because I needed to use a port o potty NOW and there wasn't any place to go. Lack of post race swag.  Not that I was slow, but there wasn't enough stuff left for the half marathoners  after the 5k'ers went through.  I didn't get to meet Chris. 

I want a do over.  Hubs thinks I'm nuts because he doesn't want to see those hills for a long time. 

Last Saturday's Song:
Ready To Start - Arcade Fire



Jill said...

Ugh, sorry about the lack of facilities to do the business - ridiculous! I can never find one when I want one either! But you do have a rocking cute skirt on - love the color :).

Look at how you nailed those hills though - I hope you feel really proud of that!

Nice job, girl - revenge is an excellent motivator!! :)

Chris K said...

Awwwwww. Thanks Irene for that nice comment. I would have liked to meet you and Hubs too. We could talk have talked about the Aztecs, Padres, and how nice you looked in your pink skirt.

Sorry about your GI issues. I usually get up 2-3 hours before a race and drink a cup of coffee and that handled.

I'm with Jill - you will kill it next year.

Hey, I just signed up for the Encinitas 5K next month. It's only $25. Do it! Tell Alice.

Anne said...

They used to have a row of portable toilets along UCSD. I wonder why they eliminated them. A fine effort, Irene. And Michael is looking really trim these days. Wow.

Aka Alice said...

I remember that race not having nearly enough water stops one year (the year of THE HEAT...remember that?) I didn't do it that year, but I was prepared the next. So they increased the water stops, but decreased the porta potties? That just sucks...and you're right, there's nothing between the park and the beach...

Bummer girl. I know you worked hard for this...there will be others. I'm thinking of giving La Jolla another go next year. I'm about ready to conquer that hill.

Encinitas? Maybe? I'd love to meet the Manly dude in person :-)

Aka Alice said...

ACK! Just realized that Encinitas is on a Saturday am...and I'll be needing to run more than a 5K that morning...darn.

Glenn Jones said...

What? A race without porta potties? Still - a great race Irene!

Fair Weather Runner said...

holy hills! wowza. but man i would love to do a race in SD. someday. congrats on another race down, and another medal. running a half is WAY more than most people do on the weekend!

Tricia said...

great job with the hills

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

You should be proud for finishing. It's really hard to run with those particular issues going on.

I think that hill would have made me "go on myself" I would love to do this one, one year, maybe. I love La Jolla.

Black Knight said...

You made a very good job despite the hills and the lack of facilities. Now that the races are always more crowded it is difficult to find the rest-rooms because of the long queues.
However another half is under your belt and another medal around your neck.

iJuls said...

The sign of a true athlete: "I want a do over."