Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmastime Is Here

Got the tree up! 


I went for the more traditional tree this year, (meaning: Evan helped me decorate and I pretty much left everything where he put it -- all on one branch and lopsided) with multi-colored lights and old ornaments from years past, not the mostly blue and white glam tree with pearl garlands I put up for the past four years. (meaning: I decorated it by myself.)  Having Evan help me decorate is a bajillion times more fun.



There has been no running since the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll half marathon .  I'm taking a self imposed hiatus from running, at least until after Christmas.  My shins, especially the left shin, were not too happy with me and are pretty sore.   Even though  I'm not running right now, I have been in motion, non- stop, since returning from Las Vegas.  Work has been extremely busy, not just with the work load, but with the physicality of it.  On the surface it looks like I would be at the computer all day, but we spend plenty of time trekking up and down the long hall at the office.  I also try to get out and walk for about 15 minutes at lunch, just to get some air.  I'm also putting in over time hours, which is amazing to me.  I can't ever remember the office being as busy as it is. I still have my Wednesday morning sessions at Rehab United, where there is no rest for the weary, and the assisted stretches (that seem so unnatural and I need to find my happy place) are still part of the protocol.  Needless to say, I'm exhausted.

Jill hosted a bloggers Secret Santa gift exchange.  After a crazy/busy day at work it made my day to receive mail that wasn't a bill!  I was super excited to receive a pair of Dry Max running socks from Ginny at Happy Feet 26-2. I put running socks on my wish list every year at home and at work, but never receive them. I guess non-runners probably think socks aren't that exciting, but I love me some running socks!  I was planning on taking a picture of the socks, but I've already worn them with my work shoes (which ARE running shoes, just black and grey) and they're now in the laundry. :)  Thanks, Ginny! 

In the midst of all the busy-ness, we had to put down one of our cats this past week.  We adopted Cruiser as a kitten from the ASPCA when my son was 4 years old .  My son is now 23.  Yes, 18 to 19 years is super old for a cat.  He was a gentle kitty, but would defend his "family" if need be.  In his later years he gave up being hissy at the dog and they would often just hang out together.

R.I.P. Cruiser  -- 1992-2010
Good bye, ol' man.

Since my crazy week pretty much wiped me out, I attempted to get in the holiday mood by watching Christmas movies while wrapping gifts.  I watched Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Polar Express.  Elf is one of those movies you don't need to think much about, it's just silly with a touch of warm and fuzzy.  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is sort of a must see for our family every year, just because we experienced "Jelly of the Month Club" ("the gift that keeps giving all year" instead of a bonus)  and having the eldest person say the blessing ("I pledge allegiance to the flag...")   Polar Express was my grandson's choice and I actually stopped what I was doing to relax, sit close with the kiddo, snuggle with a big blanket and watch the movie.  Next on the agenda is (maybe) baking some sort of Christmasy cookies.  We made Rice Krispy treats last week, but that really doesn't count.  (PS: Chopped up crispy bacon pieces mixed in the Rice Krispy treats is actually pretty good. - My son's idea.)  

Oh, hold on a second... My new Dry Max socks from Ginny are out of the dryer!

I'm still in my warm Christmas  PJ's, and I'll probably be this way ALL DAY...  HOWEVER, check out my new socks!!!!  Sweet!

Last Friday's Song (December 10, 2010):
Nothin' But a Good Time - Poison - Run-DMZ



misszippy said...

Sorry about your kitty--it's so hard to lose them.

Love the socks and the tree!

Anne said...

So sorry to hear about Cruiser. And maybe the workload will let up after the year ends and people's flex accounts close out.

Chris K said...

Um, actually, I hate to break it to you Irene, but Evan's sense of style is way better. 2010 tree blows away 2008. I have to admit being a little stumped about the post title as I cannot recall a 70's heavy metal song titled, Christmas time is here :-)

Jenn said...

Hey-Thankyou SO much! Wearing my socks right now!! I'm stretching here by rubbing my super soft foot on my cheek!

My sister just ran the Las Vegas half!

OK-bacon in Rice Krispy treats! Not so sure about that one!

Aw...Sorry about the kitty!

Lisa said...

SO sorry about your loss of Cruiser. :-(

When my kids were little, I let them decorate with me and left it just as they did it also. Lots of homemade ornaments and very lopsided decoration. Fun times.

Now my daughter is older and was very specific about which ornaments she wanted on the tree and which she thought we should leave in the box. Still fun. :-)

Some day, I hope to have grandkids to help with the tree and have it all lopsided again.

Southbaygirl said...

Oh Irene, I am so sorry to hear about Cruiser! Rest in Peace Cruiser!!!

Happy Holidays! I hope you have a fantastic holiday!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

sorry for your loss, amazing to have a cat for so long..

Drymax SAVE me in Washington..

Happy Holidays!

Nitmos said...

Does syrup have sugar in it?

Jill said...

YAY for your socks!! When I was first reading I was bummed there wasn't a picture, but then there they were later on down further. LOVE THEM!!! So glad they arrives safe and sound!!

Sorry about your kitty, Irene. I was just thinking about our kitty that we lost awhile ago, it is not easy!

Your tree is beautiful, absolutely beautiful!! I know you are going to have an absolute blast with Evan at such a great age!!

Merry Christmas, Irene - to one of my very favorite bloggie buddies out there! I hope our paths meet in person one of these days - soon!

Black Knight said...

Sorry for Cruiser, a faithful friend for many years.
I like the tree and the gift you received.
Happy Christmas to you and family from Italy.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

So sorry about Cruiser. I am an absolute cat lover. We had to have half of our 15 year old cat's ear removed last wk for skin cancer.

Hope the sock size was ok. I had to guess, since I couldn't contact you to find out. Looked at your shoe pics and guessed, ha ha. Yes, most think socks are a totally BAD Christmas present, but I LOVE the DryMax socks so for me- as a crazy runner, socks are a good thing. Keeps my feet HAPPY! Hope they make your feet happy too.

Merry Christmas!