Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm Turning Into My Mother

My mother's first language was not English, so while I was a kid she was learning English as I was learning to talk. My mother was great at "Spanglish," but purely non-intentional. She also came up with some of her own versions of words or titles. One of my favorite titles for "The Beverly Hillbilly's" was her version: "The Beverly Hilly-billy's." I never really considered her version of the English language mangled, just very creative.

I'm not quite sure how the subject of video games came up, but Michael and I were talking about all of the different devices on the market to play video games. I meant to bring up "Game Boy" and "Play Station" separately, but it came up "Playboy Station." Gah! I am turning into my mother!


PartTimeMom said...

Heheheheh. I actually love words like that. They become part of your 'family traditions' a code that brings you together. Our family has a bunch of them.

And got caught between X-Box and Playstation one time and it came out PlayBox...

Not as cute as yours though.

Savy said...

Actually, I just consider that to be "verbally economic" :) I can barely speak english, much less any other language (I had over 4 years of french, and I swear I can't ask ANYTHING in it. *sigh*) but my brain tends to run ahead of my mouth, and combines whole sentences down into strange words like that, that ALMOST make sense and tend to cover multiple points in only a couple syllables.

Irene said...

PTM & Kyra,
I guess that's how language evolves.. I just wish I could remember more of my mom's "special" made-up words ;) My husband used to use the word "gigantor" instead of the word "huge." (Wow, that was a lifetime ago!)